May. 25th, 2005 07:05 am
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On a day like any other,
just walking down the street.

Watching the people
as they pass me by.

Then I noticed you
and you smiled at me.

I don't know who you are
but you brightened up my day.


May. 24th, 2005 07:00 am
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Cannot seem to get this one finished how I like it, so posting what I have done so far while I look for more inspiration.


Will I be able to say
the words I know I have to

before you are on your way,
leaving me here.

So many things we want to do
but little time we have.

I will memorize our time together
in order to sustain me.

Every day that you are gone
I hope for your swift return.

And when the time comes
I will hold you tightly

but for now you are here,
that is all I want this moment.

Fare well

Apr. 24th, 2005 07:35 pm
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Hm, have not written a poem for a while, my last one was posted on 4th March. So I based this one on some of the words from a previous post, which means it is not exactly the same, should not have the same meaning as the post.

Fare well

It is now when you are no longer here,
that I can tell you how I feel and what I think.

A year has gone since I saw you last,
time has flown so fast, yet nothing's changed.

It is strange that all seems as it was before,
from what I am to the feelings that I show.

I appear as I was back then,
as though you are still here.

The feelings that I cannot show
are hidden behind a mask, my face.

I know that you will not return,
so I bid you a fond farewell.

ETA : have rewritten it with some help and suggestions from Sari. Thanks!

Sad haiku

Apr. 12th, 2005 04:40 pm
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Not feeling that depressed or anything, but not quite (very) happy either. I was trying to write some lines for poetry I could only come up with a few lines that were a bit sad sounding. Enough lines to turn into a sad little haiku, like this :

Alone, need someone.
Lost, I don't know where to turn.
So I cry, unheard.

If I tried to make seasonal references, then it would something like this :

Your sunshine is gone.
Loneliness enters my heart
like snow in winter.

No one else

Mar. 4th, 2005 06:45 am
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No one else

No one sees the things I do,
or the suffering that I endure.
No one else knows what I feel inside,
all the fears that I try to hide.

No one else, except you.

When my back's against the wall,
you're right beside me.
While others let me fall,
you pick me up and lift me again.

You make my heart ache with joy,
kiss my wounds and hurt goodbye.
You can make me laugh 'til I cry.
I feel blessed with you in my life.

No one else gets to feel
the love that I give to you.

There is no one else, except you.
Only you, thank you, love you.

I think I had some more text that I could use for a second verse, but have to look for it. I'll post it as it is for now. What do you think?
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Here's the local weather report for last week (and a few days this following week).

White blanket

As the city rests its weary self,
it breathes a hushed sigh,
while winds herald their arrival.

They fall.
Slowly and silently,
borne by air currents
to land softly on the ground.

placed by unseen hands
they find a place to rest.
Plenty of space around.

draped over everything.
Icing sugar dusted onto peaks,
a blanket fills the valleys.

Day begins with the sun,
stretching out its arms
to give a warm embrace.

like a smile that sparkles in the light.
But soon it is sent on its way,
warm enough that a blanket is no longer needed.

Don't want to write too much about the weather, so put some into a poem instead. This could be a follow up or companion to the Brrr poem. I rejected the alternative titles of 'snow' for being too obvious and boring, and 'white night' for being corny. :)
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My attempt at a valentine poem, it's all I could come up with. And no, it's not for anyone in particular (if it was I'd try writing a better one and not put it on my journal).

Red and Blue

Roses are red,
violets are blue.
All that matters,
is me and you.

I was so lonely,
sad as can be,
'til you came along
and rescued me.

Your crimson lips
have a lively smile.
They always invite me
to stay for a while.

The colour of your eyes
are like the azure sea,
I'm glad you have eyes
only for me.

Wherever you go,
whatever you do,
just want you to know
that I love you.

I am happy

Feb. 2nd, 2005 11:50 pm
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A quick rough poem, hopefully a happy one :)

I am happy

I want to hold you close
and comfort you at times,
to stop your tears from falling.

I smile when you are happy,
glad that little things I do
can make you feel that way.

The change of your face,
from down to up again,
makes me happy too.

You make me smile in your little ways.
Just want to return the happiness
that you have given me before.

Just want to say Thank you.
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This is sort of the first version I had in mind, a different poem about silence.

Broken silence

Here in this
uncomfortable silence,
I am shocked and speechless.

Your words hang in the air,
unlike the sword,
which has already fallen.

Now it seems so long ago,
that we used to laugh
and be together.

I have lost you,
though you are still
here in front of me.

A chasm forms between us.
Things have changed,
I cannot bridge the gap.

You no longer want me.
I no longer have you,
only a hole in my heart.

You do not love me anymore.

This one is about an uncomfortable silence between two people when one has dropped the bombshell of breaking up. Sorta, I imagine.
Still kind of rough, as it was cobbled together from notes and not polished.
I should work on some more upbeat poems next I think :)
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My creativity must be slowing down, almost haven't posted a poem this month.

In the silence

I am in the dark, alone.
You are not here, only your silence.
No more conversation.
What else can I say,
when there is no reply?

I sit here not knowing.
Waiting, Will I hear from you again?
Wondering, Where are you now?
Hoping you are well,
and that the life you lead is good.

I can feel the link between us
slowly stretching apart.
Will it snap and break?
How did we become friends
that have faded into the distance?

I cannot hear you anymore.

My first ideas were about an uncomfortable silence between two people (which I guess I could still write), but it turned into a poem about the silence of friends that you lose contact with, when you no longer hear back from them.


Dec. 20th, 2004 07:40 pm
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Don't have a more snowy xmassy type poem, this is the latest that I had finished.


No starlight in the sky,
as storm clouds form in the night.
Slowly from the distance,
they head closer.

The pressure builds in the air
and rain begins to fall.

A wall of water comes down,
drops to splatter and smash,
to hit the rooftops from above,
batter and pound against panes,
attempting to gain entry.

Relentless, it falls,
tries to cleanse and wash away,
though cannot clean it all.

Thunder rumbles its deep roar,
resounding its anger and frustration.
While fingers of lightning
stab and strike at the earth,
to leave its mark below.

The gales whine and howl,
they cry and moan their displeasure.

Cold rain falls for a while,
but will eventually slow and stop.
Skies will clear again
and the sunshine return
to hold back the storm.

Mostly another one using metaphors to describe something. Well, that's how it started out as. Not sure if has the same message / image as I first started it.
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Just a poem that partly popped into my head, that is there was nothing to give me the idea.

Captured moment

You turn to me
and the sunlight
is reflected in your face.

At that one instant,
a moment is captured,
the colours and contrast,
to be painted on a canvas.

I look upon it and see
the sparkle in your eyes,
the shine of your hair,
and the glow of your smile.

All I have to do
is look back to that day,
to be warmed by a sun filled sky,
to hear the birdsong fill the air,
and feel your love fill my heart,
as it does still.

I treasure this moment always,
and keep it close to my heart,
so I have your presence near me.

Another one with a little metaphor. I think it sometimes sounds more poetic if you can do without some common day to day type words such as photograph, snapshot, picture. I was going to use tapestry before I realized that 'canvas' is a more appropriate word to go with 'painted'.
Was slightly stuck with the last verse until I heard a line of song on the radio : "I could stay lost in this moment forever. Every moment spent with you is a moment I treasure".


Nov. 27th, 2004 06:40 am
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It sure is getting cold in the mornings over here. Cold enough for me to try and write a poem about how cold it is :)


As I venture from
the warm embrace of home
I feel the biting of high north winds
and the chill caress of winter's hand.

A slow lethargy tries to creep into my limbs
and my scoured face with expression grim.
The sky still reflects the night not yet gone,
my breath form clouds and fade away.

Soon icy fingers will point from up above
and a cold blanket will cover all in white.
While I am greeted by this frosted land,
oh how I long to be someplace warm.

I cannot think of a good title for this one.
Did not want to use too many common 'cold' words, such as freezing, ice, icicle (though did use icy), frozen, and snow. So I used metaphors and descriptions instead. Seems a little short to me, as not much happens in the poem.


Nov. 19th, 2004 11:50 pm
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I think Ms. Muse is still around some place, this is what she sent me :


Be the eye of the storm,
the calm within the chaos.
To be the centre,
focussed upon one point.

Like a stone in a river,
steadfast and anchored,
as the waters rush around,
swirling and smoothing.

Feel the slow pulse beat within veins
and the breath suffuse the body,
as stress flows out,

When the storm clouds part and
seas are pacified to lap against the shore,
be at peace, stilled inside,
calm and centred.

It is sort of based on words and phrases I think are used in things like zen, meditation, and relaxation techniques. But I may be wrong, and I don't know that many words, hence the short length of the poem. :)


Oct. 26th, 2004 11:30 pm
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You can probably guess what the idea for this poem is :)


Unopened eyes see a time of freedom, of being
unbound by the chains of responsibility, to bask
underneath a clear warm sky, relaxing beside
undulating waves of blue. I want to lie
unconscious during the day and party all night long,
until the early hours of the morning.
Unanimous in our delight as we rest
undaunted by the march of time. I watch others as they are
unadorned with heavy burdens. This is where I want to be,
united with my heart's content, at peace, in joy, just
U 'n' I

Simple idea, not sure if it went ok. While I was writing one of my previous poems, I came up with a few words beginning with a 'un' prefix. So I had the idea to try and write a poem with 'un' words at the start of each line. I looked up some words, though did not want too many with it as a prefix, and tried to think of a theme to write about. The title of the piece was sort of worked out, as I had wanted it titled with a word beginning with 'un', so it is literally 'un' titled rather than untitled.

In a state

Oct. 16th, 2004 11:35 pm
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Think this poem is finished, not sure if it might need some polishing.

You make me mad when we argue and fight.
I stop shaking when you hold me tight.

You cause trouble with your reckless actions,
and drive me wild with your careless passions.

I'm struck dumb when you look that way,
you're so hot I don't know what to say.

My head spins, cannot think straight,
I feel so dizzy because you intoxicate.

You have stolen my sanity, seen into my soul,
discovered the secrets that no one else knows.

Not sure what to think, don't know what to do,
guess that must mean, that I'm crazy for you.

First inspiration was from someone's username ([ profile] stolensanity), which lead to the thought of how someone could steal another person's sanity. I came up with the usual (clichéd?) idea of falling / being in love, that you can be truly madly deeply, and all those other songs about being mad about you, and with crazy in them.
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OK, I pulled the ending from the previous poem post, and put it here. Does it work better as two poems side by side?

I won't I will
despair rejoice
cry or weep laugh again
listen to nonsense be heard
cower and hide stand tall
be scared be proud
be ignored be counted
be lost find my way
be weakened stay strong
be yours. be myself again.
I won't cease. I will be.


Oct. 7th, 2004 07:10 am
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New poem, changed the ending and a few lines, and the title (though still think there might be a better one).


I won't let obstacles stand in my way,
you blocked me so many times.
I will climb whatever is before me,
and be above it all.

I won't follow the routes you give,
your diversions lead me astray.
I'm going to follow the path I set myself,
that will lead me to my goals.

I won't listen to all that you say,
your words bring lies and confusion.
I will make my own mind up
and find the truths for myself.

I won't let you suffocate me,
as you have tried before.
I will breathe fresh air again,
you can no longer restrain me.

I won't play by the rules of your game,
you try to change the odds in your favour.
I will go elsewhere to have my fun,
and find the prize on my own.

I defy the law of your gravity,
you can't bring me down.
I will fly so high and see so far,
now that I am released.

I won't stay here any longer,
where I'm not respected.
I will leave for another place,
and start a better life.

Inspiration was from looking at user pics of [ profile] phaedrine and read an icon with text on it, added to thoughts about one of boobookityy33's userinfoDeb's poems.
Editted to add : The last part that was there previously seemed better as a separate paired offering side by side. So I put them in the next post.


Sep. 30th, 2004 09:20 pm
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A poem, maybe not quite what miss__scarlet's userinfoMiss Morven asked for. Hope it's okay.


I have scars on my body,
scars of the mind.
Outside I was broken,
so I grew from deep within.

Life had cut me badly,
while my back was turned.
The world that I once knew,
I had to leave behind.

I grew small and frightened,
withdrew from everything.
Life had left its mark on me,
and so I felt ashamed.

Retreated from the world,
I felt scarred inside.
Thought that I was ugly,
and hid from prying eyes.

Healing took it's toll
of struggle and hard work.
I had to stand tall again,
and relearn how to walk.

Time has helped me heal,
no longer feel so broken.
Although now I'm mended,
I still show the tear.

I have grown accustomed to
this reminder of before.
It has become a part of me
and I feel whole once more.

I have scars that have faded
and some that remain.
I am still healing,
but no longer feel the pain.


Sep. 20th, 2004 06:25 am
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Hiya, what do you think about this piece? I'm not sure if it's too short (and repetitive) and might be better within a longer piece about the body in general.


I have scars on my skin
scars on the inside.
Scars of the body,
scars of the mind.

Some scars that have faded
and some that remain.
Some remind me of healing,
some remind me of pain.

I thought I had more somewhere, but that's all for now.
You probably won't ask, but I do not feel that I have any emotional scars, though a few cuts and scrapes have become physical ones.

ETA : after a suggestion (see comments), I wrote another version, which you can see here.


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