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Just testing, playing with mini icons. It's fun!

Hiya [personal profile] red, did you see the polar bear lj icon that [personal profile] cleolinda did for herself? She mentioned it on her recent post.

More can be seen at Rose Quoll's page of LiveJournal (mini) user icons.

You could have a feline one as that's the type of animal you see yourself as I think you said. Not sure which Felidae you would choose from those available, so I picked 'Tuxedo Cat' for example.

The koala one koala mini icon looks cute too. :)

Don't know which ones the others like [personal profile] taz (Brown Wolf) or [personal profile] scarlet ("©Roopard" for the red hairness) might choose. Guessing [personal profile] deb would go for something like Brown Tabby cat.

I think my one would be a canine such as a [profile] , though might choose another one.

Well, I saw that the names in the lj user links can be changed, when I saw [profile] do it in one of her posts, and now [personal profile] cleolinda. So using Rose Quoll's user icons I can see the HTML and change it to suit my purposes. Boy, this is a lot of copying and pasting, but it's worth it :)
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[Edit: changed the title from the previous one of 'Intermission', to the same name of the poem.]

HIya, I'm still around, reading journals, and journals, though not so much with the writing of posts unfortunately. I know there's no rush, it's not a race, but I want to get more entries done for some reason. Especially want to finish off August before the end of September.
[Note to future self if confused : from around 15th August, all these posts are sort of backdated, or in other words, late. This entry was written and posted on Monday 20th September, just after Talk like a Pirate day.]

Anyhow, while you are waiting for my next offering, how about I show you a poem? Just to let you know that I'm still doing something, and say hello to [ profile] boobookityy33, in case she thinks I only update once in a blue moon or something. I don't know if she would want to read through what I have written so far. [I still don't know why you would want to read through them twice R, can I call you Red? I only read them when writing, then tend to forget them. :) ]

So, onto the 'poem', which I will put after this cut :
Please come back after this short break... )


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