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It's Friday, so it must be September.

I shouldn't really ask "How are you doing?" as it might be a rhetorical question since I could get an answer from looking at current blog posts of my flist. Perhaps instead I should be telling you what I have been up to, with me being quiet for a while (although the answer is "not much").

Today, went out to see the film Superman Returns. It was good, I liked it, my friend thought it was better than X-Men 3, but I haven't seen that so can't say. While there were thoughts and questions on one point or another, I didn't bother about them and just watched it. Liked how the theme sounded in the cinema, how I remember it from watching the previous films on television (never saw them at the cinema).

Afterwards, went for a walkabout along the Thames, from about Embankment to look for the Tate Modern, friend wanted to look in the shop there. It was a nice walk and relatively quiet, as the other side of the river was mostly pedestrian with no major roads in range to cause too much traffic noise. Need to go visit there again sometime, now that I know where it is and how to get there.

Had camera with me, so took snaps at anything that looked remotely interesting, or just things like notable landmarks and structures at certain angles. I don't take enough pictures usually, as sometimes feel self-conscious snapping any small thing that takes my fancy, or other times when the batteries are flat from periods of non-use and need recharging.
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